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Partner Acro

Partner acrobatics covers a wide range of disciplines, centering around tricks performed most often by two or three people. These disciplines include acroyoga, icarian games, standing partner acro, banquine and toss. Most of these originated in the circus but their popularity in recent years has exploded all over Europe, the US and Asia. Acroyoga leads this trend, where as skill is developed people often start training standing acro and icarian games. The scene for partner acro is small in New Zealand and has a relatively low level, but these classes are here to grow the scene and play catch up with the rest of the world.

All levels are welcome in our classes, which will start at the basics and quickly move forward at the pace of the class. You will learn a wide range of tricks in this class and how to be a good spotter, ensuring the safety of those practicing with you. The bulk of your skill development will come from practicing tricks in the open jam sessions.

Sam Jameson is one of the locals championing Partner Acro. He has been training for the past three years in Europe, specialising in icarian games, whips and whip pops and standing partner acro. He has completed a 200 hour advanced partner acro program in Belgium and trained with top teachers around Europe.


Adult Acro sessions

Wednesday & Friday 6-7pm


Kids Acro sessions

Our kids acro classes are open for 8 years and older and younger kids with a parent who would like to learn some tricks with them.

Wednesday & Friday 5-6pm