Kids Classes

Our Project AIR kids program offers a comprehensive range of classes covering Parkour, Tricking & Freerunning. Enrolments are open to children of 8 years and older (although we may occasionally allow younger students on a trial basis with parental participation).

All new students need to complete an induction session with one of the Project AIR coaches before joining a structured class. The session is designed to take the kids through the basic facility rules / ettiquette, provide and overview of the techniques and allow the team to make a suitable recommendation for the correct set of classes. Our kids induction sessions cost $20 for the hour and are compulsory for all new kids members. Simply  contact us to book in a session.

Note: Advanced classes are by coach invitation only.



Tricking (Beginners and Advanced) 6-7pm



Parkour (5-7 year-olds) 4-5pm 

Parkour (Beginners) 5-6pm

Parkour (Advanced) 6-7pm



Freerunning (Advanced) 6-7pm



Parkour (Beginners) 5-6pm

Parkour (Advanced) 6-7pm