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Project AIR Members App

Train Smarter

Get the most out of your training using our state-of-the-art Members App software. This has been custom built to help you to fast-track your movement-sports career.

Features include:

  • Daily Class Checkin
  • Built-in Training Diary
  • Peer-to-Peer Note Sharing
  • Personal Training Analytics
  • Mobile & Desktop Friendly


Create An Account

Project AIR Members can register for the system using their DebitSuccess ID here:

Once their account is approved, users will receive email confirmation and will be able to log in and access the application at


Mobile Version

You can save the app to your mobile homepage for quick access. Just load the members login via the mobile browser using the link above. If prompted, save your login details, and then at the bottom of your browser select the 'Add to Homepage' option to save the link to your phone as an app.