Parkour is a discipline where practitioners adapt their movement to overcome physical obstacles in their environment - using techniques such as precision jumps, vaults and climbs.

Our classes are suitable for all levels and use a combination of fixed aswell as portable equipment to create forever varying challenges, keeping the sessions both fun and engaging.

Parkour training helps to develop strength, balance and agility, whilst getting a great full-body workout.


Parkour Classes:

Tuesday & Thursday

Kids Parkour* (Beginners) 5-6pm

Kids Parkour* (Intermediate / Advanced) 6-7pm

Adults Parkour (All levels) 7-8pm


*Kids Parkour

Our kids parkour classes are open for 8 years and older, although we may occasionally allow under 8 years on a trial basis with parental participation.

All kids must first complete an induction session with a Project AIR coach before joining our dedicated youth programme. Please contact us to book a session.